Sharing Angelica Bakeshop, Cebu – 2014 Summer Culinary Workshops

Blog Post Wednesday, April 2, 2014

After all is said and done, after the smoke has cleared, what will the children be doing next ? And the parents too ?

There will be many families traveling all over the country by land, sea and air, .  Families with children, adults, friends and relatives together discovering new places they haven’t reached before, having fun and adventure.

After the pressure cooker of studies and performance, I’m sure there will be as many families that will simply want to stay home and relax, soaking the quiet and the comfort of home for as long as they can. Until the next pressure cooker of studies and studying starts.

Angelica Bakeshop though is offering a chance for all those not on fun and adventure with their travels, to gain baking skills and expertise while having fun and eating the delicious cakes at the same time.

Angelica Bakeshop organized a series of culinary workshops all throughout the summer months.  So, if you are prepared to learn, have fun, and eat different delicious pastry products, just ask or refer to the schedules below. Look for Annette, Bea or Tess for more information and book your space now. Don’t delay any longer.



Sharing information about Angelica Bakeshop, Cebu – End of Schoolyear Cakes

Blog Post Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Summer is literally around the corner.  The last school year that ended in March saw hundreds, if not thousands, of schools, colleges and universities all over the country conducting graduation and commencement rites.

That also meant that hundreds of thousands of the schoolchildren completing their studies in the current year and ready to move on, relieved that the pressures of their studies are finally behind them now.

Graduates are eagerly waiting for the next school year to tackle another milestone in their student lives with renewed vigor.

Angelica Bakeshop provided the well deserving children and their parents with tasty treats like a few shown below. Wouldn’t you like, no love, to have your licks and mouthfuls on these colorfully themed end of school year cakes ? Just ask.