My own “Heartbleed” – would you believe ?

It shouldn’t have happened

But it did, for so many years I avoided this opportunity that comes into one’s life like a typhoon that rages through your heart leaving a gaping would to fester and leave you in pain.


He didn’t even bother to present himself to me, he got into the house under the pretext of a temporary refuge. All the others that I’ve had in the past had wagging tails, upright ears and wide open eyes. He ignored me completely, and focused his attention on my naughty daughters. They knew that storyline would work on me. Such a gentle heart I was supposed to be.

So he grew with the children all around him, fussing over him the whole day, grooming, feeding, cleaning. That was fine with me as long as the house was clean, no ticks, no fur anywhere around. But they pampered him no end and he kept away from me. He was even friendlier with non-family members but close friends of the girls.


Then kapow, it happened. My elder daughter decided to study and earn her college degree in a faraway place that could only be traveled quickly enough by air, but still it would take over 16 hours to complete one way. At least my second daughter was still around to fill in her shoes so well that he carried on as always.

Then bam, my wife and daughter decided to go on a vacation for a couple of months that left only me to look after him. That was a given. I had no other option but to have a crash course in the fine art of caring for him while they were gone.


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