“My own Heartbleed” – He has a character all his own.

I was afraid this would happen to me again and again.

When I was growing up, as a kid I was used to having dogs in the house, actually in their own “house” where at one time there were over a dozen of them. A mix of German Shephers, my stepfather’s favorite, Dobermans, Terriers and Cocker Spaniels.  My sister and I had our hands full cleaning, grooming and feeding them. But it was fun time because they were so affectionate.

Each one had a name and each one knew their names and they all clamored for attention and affection.  It was just natural that each one had a special place in my heart.  Then the devastation was complete and thorough, all I heard was one word from the vet and my stepfather, distemper.

Wikipedia describes it thoroughly in scientific terms but all I remember about it is what it did to my dogs and in quick time, they were gone from their house, once so full of noisy, fun-loving barking dogs then all so suddenly quiet.  As a kid, I was so involved with my own sadness that I didn’t even comprehend the sadness in the hearts of my sister and parents.

So as a result, I vowed never again would I give my heart to a dog. And I was so wrong because it kept on happening again and again, the latest one being this furball of a dog who’s given toys bigger than he is.  One thing’s for sure, JJ is a character all his own.

JJ 20-Jul-2013-3

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