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Sharing Angelica Bakeshop, Cebu – the Travel theme

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

After the Graduation themed cake, Angelica Bakeshop created the theme on Travel.  And what would be more appropriate for this cake if not the illustration of two blue and brown travel bags.

It’s complemented with the model of tge iconic Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris in France, and beside it are the travel diary and the planet Earth.

Cake Theme - Travel
Cake theme – Travel

Sharing information about a childhood favorite – Angelica Bakeshop, Cebu

Blog Post Monday, March 31, 2014

I’ve always had a sweet tooth ever since I can remember, when I was aware what it was around me or what I ate that was so tasty that it made me smile so wide from my left to my right ear. when I wanted immediately some more to eat or that I would decide to return for more of the same.

I could already imagine my eyes wide open and my saliva dripping as I anticipated the next time I’d be back or when my late mother would give me a treat. What made it so exciting for me was that the shop was just across the street taking only a couple of minutes to reach from the compound where we used to live.

That was how near it was and still is till this day where everyone in the city could find the shop to buy any of their goodies. Especially my family, who doesn’t want to eat the delicious cakes at Angelica Bakeshop ? It’s reputation precedes it with customers repeatedly returning for more.


Angelica Bakeshop Inc. is known for its high quality bakery products and customer service at prices which reflect real value since 1968