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Blog Post Friday March 14, 2014: Why I was away for so long

Why I was away for so long

That was way back in 2012

I started this blog in 2012 and to be honest, I didn’t know what I would do with it. I was sort of “forced” into it.

Well, this is one time where having been forced to go into blogging, I may actually like it. Of course, I had my doubts, my fears and my anxieties. I didn’t know what to do or what I’d write about although there are probably a million topics available to choose from.

I’ve realized though that my fears and my anxieties were the result of my lack of blogging skills, and not only that, I was worried as to what the readers would say, they might criticize and thrash it. So, should I allow what others will judge me to run my blogging life? Why should I?

I haven’t done that in a very long time. I always felt that to be honest in my dealings with others was an attribute that I’d continue. I stood my ground against anyone. As a result there were people who’d feel uncomfortable with me around.  Some would even react aggressively against this perceived pride.

What then is the difference in blogging? At least I won’t have to look at the balls of their eyes when I voice my opinion unless I can see their profile picture.

Therefore, I’ll start from here and I’ve decided to keep the blogs here “family oriented” as differentiated from the other blogs I’ve simultaneously started which will be business oriented.

And I seek the Lord God’s guidance, blessing and grace as I embark on this new phase of my adult life here on Earth. 🙂