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Starting a new life

I now find myself starting a new life after having been fired from my last permanent regular office job working daily eight hours or more morning till night. Then in March, over three months ago, the notice was served by HR, I had only till June 3rd and that would be it, still with a family to provide and obligations to meet.

I started working when I was in my late teens, little jobs, part time work, struggled to find a permanent regular paying work. By that time I had already married my hometown girlfriend. We both went to the big city with a large widespread area, big and tall buildings, cars and vehicles of all kinds. It had its fair share of congestion, people and traffic, rising prices, etc.

It all started from there and I didn’t look back, work was always available and income was regular. Although in many cases it was minimal, but it was always there each month. And the company benefits too.  Till now, the concept of not working daily or receiving my salary and benefits wasn’t even in the equation.

I was numb, didn’t react except saying okay and shrugging my shoulders, looking down at my feet after reading the letter.  I found it “strange” that HR or human resources department would do what it just did despite knowing my personal situation, would fire me for one reason “restructuring”.

Is a company justified to fire its employees because it wanted to “restructure” the organization? Wasn’t I part of the organization having worked for many years? and if so, why was I left out in the hot sun and humid environment as if I were someone who was unable of correctly or exceptionally performing the function specified in the organization?

Okay, my department had only been earning small income ever since the 2008 financial crisis hit economies worldwide affecting its operations. But the other department was still making over 10 million annually. Our departments were part of the company overall.

Not only that, the company each year would take the tab for the annual picnics or excursion of the whole company, the staff and their respective families in resorts and hotels over the weekend spending thousands. The company wasn’t struggling at all.

The mental and emotional impact on my family and I was evident in all our faces, we lost sleep, couldn’t sleep, lost appetite, lost weight, darker shades around the eyes. I dug deep into my pockets searching for the reason that justified the firing, but they escaped through the holes of all my pockets.  And that left me still asking one word – why?